Rubin, “Monterey” (2011)

8 minutes… and your pictures will never be the same.

That first time is a big deal. Actually, it’s always a big deal.

Jerry Uelsmann, Untitled (1977) — This image was my key inspiration. It took one curvy shaded line to make the rock alive and sexy. This was on the wall in my living room when I was 14 and I looked at it for countless hours.

This might not seem like nothing to you now, but it will.


Selfie at the deYoung, 2015

And what happened because of it.

My discovered negatives.

Rubin, 2021

NSFW sunset walk in the Santa Cruz Hills

Staircase, Riomaggiore (Rubin, 2015)

Riomaggiore in Black & White

Christmas Eve (Rubin, 2020)

My daughter insisted we go for a walk…

Netflix, and being lost in local maximums.

Denali towering over the 10 thousand foot foothills. (Google Images)

M. H. Rubin

Living a creative life, a student of high magic, and hopefully growing wiser as I age. • Ex-Lucasfilm, Netflix, Adobe. • Here are my stories and photos.

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