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  • Jack Soloman

    Jack Soloman

    Probably writing about photography, living the analogue life. Come have a gander!

  • Thomas Christopher

    Thomas Christopher

    Science, psychology, and history. Sometimes with a personal angle.

  • Eric Jennings

    Eric Jennings

    dilettante, poet, invocateur, acccidental yogi and dabbler in patamysticism which is the spiritual branch of pataphysics. linktr.ee/patamystic

  • John Harephd

    John Harephd

  • Jake Pemberton

    Jake Pemberton

  • Leslie Shank

    Leslie Shank

  • Michael Thorn

    Michael Thorn

    Writer, photographer

  • Martin Banks

    Martin Banks

    As a writer and a photographer, I wander our planet with the intent of meeting ordinary people and learning their extraordinary stories. Then I write.

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