Haiku + Photography Book Released!

And it only took 3 years to get here…

M. H. Rubin
3 min readDec 8, 2022

“Straight-up f*king genius!!”

Doug Menuez, Photojournalist, “Fearless Genius”


“So Excellent! It’s a photo class in a book!!”

Christopher Michel, Photographer; Artist-in-Residence at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

The Photograph as Haiku is a new work in photographic inspiration. This simple book describes how the aesthetic properties of many historic and beautiful photographs follow the attributes of haiku. Illustrated by 54 evocative photographic haiku, it provides a foundation for any photographer — independent of subject matter interests. An approach to photography through haiku is a fun exploration for both novices and experts. Elegant in its simplicity, challenging to master.

The Photograph as Haiku is a must-have for every student of photography and iPhone picture-taker. It requires no special gear nor technical capabilities, and is designed for anyone who wants to take more interesting and poetic images in their everyday lives.

Modern phone-cameras can deliver beautiful personal snapshots for everyone, but they highlight the aspects of photography that have never been technical:

• What makes a photo interesting?

• What is good composition?

• How might I improve?

Photographic haiku is part street photography and part personal photojournalism. Unlike many approaches to photography, it doesn’t require equipment or travel; it can be explored easily by anyone, anywhere, even with a smartphone.

“In a world obsessed with the “how” of image making, Rubin is one of our best “why” photographers. The Photograph as Haiku is a full course dinner of small delectable plates brought out by an unhurried waiter. Rubin invites you to pause, absorb, and evaluate each photo as its own morsel so that you walk away satisfied by the meal.”

Jeff Carlson, Author & Photographic Educator

“Similarities between photography and haiku poetry have long been observed, but seldom have their commonalities been explored so clearly and systematically as by M.H. Rubin. This simple and elegant book offers a new way to see both photography and haiku, by an artist who appreciates both.”

Michael Dylan Welch, author of Becoming a Haiku Poet

“Many great photographs grab you because there is something ineffable in them; it’s not their composition or colors, it’s an element of poetry that stops you short. Rubin’s book shows that there’s no recipe to finding these photos, but with a mindful eye, you can make photographs that are haiku.“

Kirk McElhearn, Cohost, “The Photoactive Podcast”



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