17 Short Photography Essays

A Curriculum for (Creative) Photographers

Rubin at a workshop, Santa Fe (Aug 2022) by Tracey Polson

Check out these essays and see if this approach to photography resonates. If so, I encourage you to take one of my workshops through the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. There are periodic online programs —the next one starts in late March 2023, and this summer there are in-person 1-week intensives — at Santa Fe Workshops and at the Wild Rice Retreats — that should be fun for any creative amateur, maybe if you’ve plateaued, feel like you’re good at picture taking, but want to push yourself.

Please connect and be in touch about what here worked, and what didn’t.

@droidmaker on Instagram



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M. H. Rubin

Living a creative life, a student of high magic, and hopefully growing wiser as I age. • Ex-Lucasfilm, Netflix, Adobe. • Here are my stories and photos.